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Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and loud, loud music  
Is the only kind of life you’ll ever understand  
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and loud, loud music  
You’ll never make a wife to a home-lovin’ man 

The song symbolizes the sometimes isolating experience of being a “woman on the road”, the stigma of our alternative lifestyle, and the gendered expectations of us from the people we encounter in our career. This blog is meant to be a place to share our stories, pro-tips, projects, and creative journeys with one another to strengthen our ties across so many miles, even as we pass one another like ships in the night. The times we get to chat and hang with other female musicians / industry gals on the road are some of the most affirming and healing connections we have found, and this blog is meant to facilitate more of that good stuff. It’s like a slumber party for your internets!

The idea is a radically open, collaborative space for female musicians and music supporters to share their experiences on the road and foster connection, awareness and creativity in our nomadic existence. The emphasis is on "roots" music, but could certainly expand in the future, and no one will be turned away for lack of twang.

<3 We gleefully approve of you, and your honky-tonk heart! <3

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