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Ladygrass meetup at Folk Alliance 2014... where it all started


Ladygrass meetup at Folk Alliance 2014... where it all started

Dim Lights Thick Smoke

Badgirls of Bluegrass meetup at Folk Alliance International Conference, Kansas City, MO Feb 2014

The impetus for this blog was a casual meetup at the Folk Alliance International Conference in February of 2014, with wine, whiskey, chocolate and clementines. I got excited when I noticed that Kansas City was going to see a critical mass of female bluegrass, old-time, country and americana musicians, and so I started spreading the word for friends and friends-of-friends to meet up for a couple of hours on Thursday and just rap about issues facing women on the road and in the industry.

Folk Alliance is a busy place, and I had no idea who would be able to show up for a completely impromptu, unproven ladygroup (kind of like this blog!) To my delight, over 30 female folk musicians from all over the US and Canada ended up turning out for the meeting, new connections were made, and new conversations started. This blog is meant to be a continuation of those conversations and connections, to reach out and build an alliance of touring female musicians to lift one another up and inspire each other in the world. 

“Badgirls of Bluegrass” didn’t quite include everyone in this amazing community, so “Dim Lights / Thick Smoke” is the title Lindsay Lou and I came up with to capture the vibe…. hardcore, touring women, dealing with shit on the road and rocking out with twang.


- Melody Walker, editor